MCT Milk – Milk core technologies

A complete feed for high productive dairy cows composed of powerful and highly effective technological ingredients:

  • Essential oils, saponins and spices (matrix): to increase feed efficiency.
  • Patented live yeasts: to increase production and digestibility.
  • Yeast cell walls and anti inflammatory compounds: to reduce inflammatory state.
  • Aspergillus: to increase ration starch and fiber digestibility.
  • Buffer system: a complete range of macro minerals with strong ruminal buffer capacity.
  • Water/fat soluble stabilized vitamins: to match requirements of high genetic dairy cows.
  • Trace elements: zinc, manganese and copper in high available form.
  • Specialties for mycotoxins management: specific ingredients to absorb most present mycotoxins.
  • Organic selenium: a strong anti inflammatory property associated with vitamin E to impact and improve fertility.
  • Magnesium sulfate: highly available source of sulfur.
  • Rumen protected B group vitamins: to improve liver health and stimulate energy metabolism.