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In order to comply with the new European legislation on personal data protection (GDPR) introduced on May 25, 2018, we have updated our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. To underline our belief in the benefits of these changes and to clarify how we collect, store and manage your personal data, we would like to emphasise the fact that you can contact us at any time, at the email address provided in the documents mentioned above.

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1. Conditions of Use of the Website

The purpose of these terms of service is to optimise the use of this website, in accordance with the rights of all concerned, and in accordance with the applicable regulations governing privacy and intellectual property.

The purpose of the website www.bioactivenutrition.it (the “Website”) is to promote the brand, products and services of BIOACTIVE NUTRITION SRL.
The Website may be modified and updated.
Your use of the Website implies your acceptance of these terms of use and your commitment to comply with them.
Our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy form integral parts of this document.
You are advised that these terms may be changed at any time.

2. Intellectual Property

The contents of the Website, including, without limitation, any logo, trademark or photo on the Website are protected by intellectual property rights and any other applicable legal provisions. This Website respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and all legal provisions intended to protect the interests of third parties. However, if you believe that this Website infringes any of your rights, please inform us directly in writing, using the above contact details, so that the content in question can be removed following receipt of written notification from the duly verified copyright holder.

3. Links to other websites

This Website contains links to other websites. The Owner of this Website has no control over said other websites, and cannot monitor or verify their content. You are therefore responsible for familiarising yourself with the commitments of each blog / social network / website / other page you visit. In particular, we have no control over the practices of third-party websites in relation to privacy and the collection and processing of personal data. You are therefore responsible for familiarising yourself with the commitments of the Website Owner in relation to privacy, but also of the commitments of any blog or social network or website associated with the website containing such links, and using only websites whose contents and rules of use you accept.
The Website Owner accepts no responsibility for any link to another website that refers to this Website. This Website may be associated with the said link and its contents without the specific authorisation of the Website Owner.

4. Liability

The Website Owner regularly updates the contents and devices deployed on the Website so as to optimise users’ access to and use of the Website. However, the Website Owner cannot guarantee the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of its web content.
You therefore acknowledge that you are fully aware that the content of this Website is indicative only.
Furthermore, the Website Owner reserves the right to make changes to the Website at any time it sees fit, and therefore cannot guarantee that users will have secure access to the entire Website at all times, without errors or interruptions.
Changes may be made to the nature or scope of the services available.
The Website Owner may not be held liable for any damage to users caused by the actions of any third parties that may have made unfair use of the information published on this website.
The Website Owner may not be held liable for any damage suffered by the user due to network characteristics and/or technical configurations.
Without prejudice to the provisions of law, these terms are subject to Italian law, and the Court of Modena shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear, decide and settle all disputes concerning their application and interpretation.

5. Limitation of liability

Without prejudice to mandatory legal provisions, the Website Owner shall not be held liable for any damage or injury arising from the use of the material set down in article 1, or arising from any interruption to the operation of the programme, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in transmission, virus or line disconnection.
Furthermore, the Website Owner shall not be liable for any damage or injury arising from the use or impossibility of using the material included on this Website, or arising from the conduct of other users who violate these terms of service.
Any user who intends to exercise a right, file a claim or take action against any other user in relation to the use of the services offered by this Website undertakes to avoid any involvement of the Website Owner or parties appointed by the latter to manage the Website.
The material on this Website may contain technical inaccuracies or typing errors.
The Website Owner may make changes and improvements at any time.
The material on this site is made available “as is” and without any warranty, either expressed or implied, in accordance with and within the limits of the applicable law, the Website Owner provides no warranty, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any type of use.
The Website Owner does not guarantee that the functions contained in the material will be free from errors or interruptions, or that such defects will be corrected, or that this Website or the server that makes it available are free from viruses or harmful components. The Website Owner makes no representations or warranties regarding the use or results of using the material on this Website, in relation to its correctness, accuracy or reliability. The cost of repair, revision or correction shall be borne entirely by the user and not by the Website Owner. Where national laws applicable to this Agreement, other than the applicable law set out below, prohibit the exclusion of warranty, such exclusion shall not apply.

6. Restrictions on use of the material

Material from this Website or any other website owned, operated, licensed or controlled by the Website Owner may not be copied, distributed, modified, republished, reproduced, downloaded or transmitted by any means, without prior written consent.

7. Proposals

Any observations, suggestions, ideas, graphic materials or other information communicated to the Website Owner (hereinafter collectively “Information”) shall become the property of said Website Owner. The user hereby waives any compensation and/or remuneration, whether economic or otherwise. The Information shall not be subject to any obligation of confidentiality. The Website Owner shall be free to use the Information as it sees fit, without assuming any obligation or liability as a result thereof.
The sender acknowledges that he/she is responsible for any material sent; the sender, and not the Website Owner, bears full responsibility for the message, including its legality, reliability, appropriateness, originality, and compliance with property rights.
Pursuant to and by virtue of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian civil code, the user expressly declares that he/she accepts the stipulations set down in articles 4. “Liability (jurisdiction)”; and 5. “Limitation of liability”.